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Ignite Your Psychic Intuition now available for Pre-order!

Ignite Your Psychic Intuition now available!

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A life-changing,wow” of a book, Ignite Your Psychic Intuition is the brainchild of Teresa Brady, prominent attorney, sixth sense intuitive, life changer and pioneer of an exciting mnemonic method that easily develops and advances the sixth sense. 

The method, made up of 26 tools, simply uses each letter of the alphabet as the springboard for sixth sense instruction.  The concepts and examples are easy to understand and remember. The method illustrates how often sixth sense experiences occur in daily life and how they create unlimited happiness and abundance.

Ignite Your Psychic Intuition stands alone as unique in instruction, examples and astonishing stories.  You won’t be able to put aside this one-of-a kind book. Each chapter, with its short instructional text, acts as the gateway to the illustrative, inspiring and, at times powerful hair-raising examples that are not only authentic, but at times stranger than fiction.  Some examples even come straight from the author’s law practice.  If you wish to easily develop your sixth sense while enjoying thrilling stories and encounters with sixth sense phenomenon, you are in for a real treat!

Teresa has been studying and applying her methods of developing the sixth sense for decades with phenomenal results. As an attorney, and former head of a business school, professor and business consultant, Teresa not only proves a heightened sixth sense has its place in mainstream thought, she confirms it as a necessity if one wants to be a “super star,” in any stage of life or the  professions.

There is something for everyone in this great book.  For the novice sixth sense student, this is the only book needed with its tools and stories to jumpstart intuitive development.  For the veteran sixth sense practitioner, the book acts as an added resource giving a different perspective to intuitive studies and application. For those mainstream thinkers who wish to incorporate heightened senses for a better personal and professional life, this is the only book of its kind.  This fast-reading, page-turning, choc-full-of-practical-tips-sixth-sense-manual contains guidance that’s easy to apply with quick life-changing results.